Hi, I'm Andrew.


Hi, I'm Andrew

I'm a technologist, tea addict, and advocate for personal liberty and privacy. This is where I share my thoughts, ideas, and misadventures in tech and other pursuits. You can also find out how to contact me, or see my Gallery of No Context.

Stuff I'm doing now

  • Creating this website, my new primary online presence.
  • Escaping the evils of smartphones and spy networks, and the social expectations that fuel them. I'll be writing on this topic extensively in my blog.
  • Running Born or Reborn, a website intended to confound, enrage, and anything but delight.
  • Gardening. We have a small but elegant and productive herb garden on the balcony of our apartment. I'll be writing about this as well.

Stuff I'm looking for

Occasionally, I just get lost. I don't even know how to search for something I'm looking for. DuckDuckGo fails me, and none of the people I talk to know either. A list of these things is below.

  • I need a cheap source of shoes. Less than $1 per pair. They don't need to be good, they hardly need to be wearable. I'm talking very cheap adult shoes, an order of about 100 of them.
  • Some sort of pest control substance for plants that is non-toxic to humans, dogs, and bees. We're currently using Organocide Bee Safe 3-in-1 Garden Spray, however the dog has come to appreciate aphids suffocating in oil on a hibiscus leaf as a rare delicacy.
  • A nice way to use Slack. I'm in several Slack communities, and I use the browser client since the "native" app is simply too much of a hog. I have tried one or two of the ncurses clients, but they were simply too crashy.
  • An un-intrusive way to get images from camera to computer seamlessly. I don't want cloud services or weird proprietary software involved. Some sort of assurance that the images aren't leaving my network would be nice too.

About this site

How the sausage is made

I took the HTML from Dillo's website and made my own modifications. I have virtually no talent for frontend myself, and I like Dillo's site. It's clean, well laid out, and it works in all browsers.

Soon, I will be setting up a blog with some dynamic content, though as much as possible will be static generation. This site will always work with javascript disabled.

I am not tracking you aside from basic server logs, and the No Context Gallery uses a cookie for display preferences. I don't have control over the last part, as that is a service provided by Fastmail, my email and web host. You can view their Privacy Policy.


The views expressed on this website are solely my own, and do not reflect those of any employer, associate, or colleague (unless explicitly stated). That's not to say that my views aren't correct, because at they time they were thunk, I figured they were. Just don't think I done thunk the same thinkings my boss did think. Thanks.