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Dog Balls for Human Ears

20 October 2021 10:30

So here's something, you can get prosthetic testes for your male dog after having him snipped. They're called Neuticles, and they appear to be more or less the same thing that human males get when they have to have a similar operation done.

I suppose I'm not against that, if it truly helps the dog. The worst outcome may be having to explain to somebody that, as a matter of fact, your dog is fixed, but you opted for him to receive an additional cosmetic procedure to boost his ego a little bit. I'm sure this kind of thing that comes up at dog parks a lot.

Neuticals has merch. You can get a Neuticles T-shirt, a Neuticles Frisbee, and regular old stuff like Neuticles earrings.

If I did drag, I could rock these. I would call myself "Testarossa Snips" and dance around the stage with a large pair of bolt cutters, lipsyncing to songs such as Whitney Houston's All the Man That I Need or Can't Take That Away by Mariah Carey. Maybe I could get my husband to dress up as a sexy version of Bob Barker.

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Before you get mad on the internet...

20 January 2022 11:06

Remember that there are troll farms, and other concerted efforts to make people upset.

Practice gratitude and compassion instead.

Happy New Year!

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More Spam

10 June 2022 05:00

I've been having a bit of a spam problem on this blog. I really didn't want to do a captcha when I set it up, and I still don't. Captchas are always too cumbersome, if they're effective at all. Often they're more obtrusive to humans than they are to bots. Even good captcha can often be farmed out to humans after a trivial amount of reverse engineering. It can be very cost-effective to do this.

I think RBLs will be a little more effective for my use case, and be completely unobtrusive to most users. And it only took five lines of code:

# Check for spam on the Usenix RBL
my @ipa = split('\.', $ENV{'REMOTE_ADDR'});
my @ipa_rev = reverse(@ipa);
my $dnsbl_host = join('.', @ipa_rev) . "";
if (gethostbyname("$dnsbl_host")) {
        $COMMENT = "/srv/ephemeris/comments.spam/"

So it still saves the comment, but in a quarantine folder that doesn't get built with the rest of the site HTML. I might check it sometimes, maybe never. The spammer does not get notified that their comment was quarantined. So if you comment something and it never shows up, you can email me and I'll check it out. You might need to get your IP cleared over here (click the "rblremove" link -- don't refresh it too many times). However, you may have been listed because you have some malware on your computer or network that's part of a botnet.

Hey, spammers, if you're reading this, why do you only spam my Birthday Post?

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