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Advent 2021 Week Two

13 December 2021 12:00

It's oddly difficult to keep up with an advent calendar. We're introducing a new daily habit temporarily, and cease it at about the time it takes for a new habit to set in. Verily, we will in two more weeks' time have had the Pavlovian conditioning to expect small vials of jam and bits of brightly colored plastic daily, and will immediately go into Advent Withdrawal. Perhaps it's for the best that I passed on the wine and beer advent calendars at Costco, lest we add Noel DTs to the stack.

Our Marty predicament is exacerbated by the addition of Western Marty's hat, and by my overcompensating for harsh light with the color temperature settings on my camera. Seedless Raspberry Jam bears witness to the now escalated situation.

Doc Brown gets out of the Terrorist-scamming racket and into the tire business! Unfortunately, he chooses a time and a place where demand for those white sidewalls is very low. Today's jam lurks in the background, cropped and out of focus. It probably tasted nice.

Starting to get desparate, Marty tries to fund-raise for his trip home by posing for an erotic calendar. His success in this endeavor is limited by the fact that Playmobil clothes are not removable, and women in 1885 are forbidden from knowing the current date or time. The jam is Mr. August, and thus is not in this shot.

Now we get 50s Doc, and his severe case of hat-head. Today's jam is a more showy Orange Cinnamon Spread.

Having resolved his hat-head with the addition of a trilby (back when they were not exclusively worn by horrible phony hipsters), Doc commandeers today's Raspberry-Rose jam the same way he obtained at least two of the five watches he wears: good-old fashioned mugging!

This is the last day of the jam calendar. The final, Cherry-Christmas Spice Spread is so unceremoniously ringed in by a small plastic succulent.

1885 Doc finally shows up, demanding to know why there was no jam left for him. This escalates when he meets his three other selves: 1955, 1985, and Dead. A Doc-Fight to the death ensues.

More pics in the advent gallery. More advent posts in the comming weeks!

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